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ID Theft and Phishing

For important information on identity theft and how to protect yourself click here.

Bank of Forest wants to make you aware of daily things you can do to protect yourself from ID Theft.

  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately.
  • Shred all materials in a home shredder that have important information on them such as your full name, date of birth, account numbers, etc. Individuals have had their identities stolen from “dumpster divers”.

  • Never share your full Social Security number with any one through email. Email is not a secure method of transferring confidential information of ANY kind.

  • Check your credit report at least annually to dispute any possible discrepancies. You can obtain a free yearly credit report here: Annual Credit Report


Bank of Forest will NEVER contact you through email for confidential information such as your account number or Social Security number. If you receive such an email from us please call us immediately to notify us as this is a common tactic known as “phishing”. If we need to update such information about you we will contact you through more secure methods. For more information on ID Theft please visit Federal Trade Commission by clicking here.