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Personal Savings

Savings Account

  • $100 MINIMUM to open account
  • $15.00 quarterly service charge if balance falls below
    $100 any day of the quarter
  • Limit of six (6) withdrawals per quarter; $5.00 per
    withdrawal over six (6)
  • Variable rate account
  • Interest credited to account quarterly

Christmas Club Account

  • No MINIMUM to open account
  • Minimum weekly deposit of $5.00
  • Deposits must be made by automatic transfer from a checking account at this institution
  • A service charge fee of $10 will be charged for any withdrawal from this account
  • Variable rate account
  • Interest will be credited to the account every 12 months
  • A check for the balance of the account will be issued to the account owner after the October 31 cut-off date each year

Certificates of Deposit

  • $2,500 to open for maturities less than one (1) year
  • $500 to open for maturities greater than one (1) year
  • Interest paid at maturity on six (6) months or less and quarterly for terms of one (1) year or more
  • Substantial penalty for early withdrawal
  • Contact a bank representative for current rates.
  • Ask about our Easy Riser Certificate

Individual Retirement Account

An IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is an account set up at a financial institution allowing an individual to save for retirement with tax-free growth or on a tax-deferred basis*. Bank of Forest allows you to invest funds using the same APR/APY as our Certificates of Deposit**.

We offer Traditional and Roth IRAs for your convenience.

* Always consult your accountant or financial advisor before opening, contributing to, or withdrawing from an IRA.

**Other rules and penalties may apply