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Debit/ATM Cards

The Bank of Forest debit card puts some of our most popular services into the palm of your hand. It gives you a faster, convenient, more economical way to buy the products and services you need. You can purchase gas, groceries, or anything else wherever VISA is accepted. Your debit card also serves as your ATM card for quick access to withdraw, deposit or transfer funds any time of the day. It’s like having your own personal teller whenever you need one.

Fast and Easy
Forget having to round up your checkbook, a pen, and two forms of identification.  Your Bank of Forest Debit/ATM Card can be used at any number of stores and ATM machines where VISA is accepted.

Worry free when you’re out of town
No need to worry about getting your checks cashed out of town.  Because Bank of Forest Debit Card is accepted wherever VISA is, you’ll be welcomed like a local every place you travel.

Economical and ecological
Eliminate the need to purchase checks (and the risk of running out when you’re at the checkout).  Bank of Forest Debit Card saves money in check printing fees while it saves valuable resources.

Safeguarded if lost or stolen
When you receive your Bank of Forest Debit/ATM Card you will select our own PIN number.  This is added security against someone making transactions without your consent. As an added safeguard, we provide a cap on your liability if your cards are lost or stolen.

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If you suspect your card has been lost, stolen, or compromised please contact your financial institution immediately.  If it is after hours please call 1-800-500-1044